18 Amazing Shopify Stores We Can Learn From

In this post we are going to look at some of the best Shopify stores today.

Going from Amazon selling to Shopify is a big leap in terms of the opportunities to build a great brand and a visually appealing site.

Doing so requires talent, inspiration, and hard work of course. But the payoff from establishing a brand means adding value and a deeper moat to your business.

The first step in building a top Shopify store might simply be a good dose of inspiration, research, and brainstorming.

With that in mind, we bring you a large collection of some of the best Shopify stores. These are stores that deliver experiences to shoppers, convey a sense of purpose, and foster an emotional response.

An experience? Don't people just want to buy what they need at a fair price?

Maybe sometimes — but often shopping is a way for people to have fun and experience positive vibes.

This may come as a surprise to you, but it is a fact.

So let's get on with looking at some Shopify store greatness.

Cookbook Village

Cookbook Village

I love how they have the ingredients on top to play off the theme of a cookbook store.

A store of just vintage and used cookbooks may not sound that exciting at first, but the design, imagery, and the large product collection here make for a compelling store.



Here is another one product type of Shopify store. Nothing but rugs! But as we know, sometimes that perfect rug does really tie the room together.

The great photos of expertly designed interiors create impact.


Great Shopify Store — Haus

This is a great brand name. Easy to remember, short, and tells the story of what they do.

The European design and feel of this store shines through and through.

So Worth Loving

Shopify Store So Worth Loving

Branding is strange business; you would not think a simple idea could be so powerful and sustain a business.

But it can if the idea is powerful.

We all want to be loved and feel worth of being loved. This top Shopify store just makes you feel good — which is why it works.



One of the biggest YouTubers in the world also managed to build a gorgeous Shopify store.

The Asian influence here is captivating and so well done.


A Great Shopfiy Store = Jane

Only in New York could you find a custom motorcycle shop that also serves espresso.

Jane brings the attitude and feeling of their brick and mortar experience to their Shopify store.

Carbon Beauty

Carbon Beauty

Check out this great Shopify store out and scroll down to see the movement of text and objects.

It is so fun.


dry robe

This top Shopify store pulls you in with a custom made video loop that is so epic you may just sit back and watch it loop a few more times.

There is a lot we can learn from the dryrobe store.


A top Shopify storer — Beardbrand

There is a lot to soak in from Beardbrand in terms of running a great Shopify store. One area where they go the extra mile is with a nice balance of fun (best beards in the NFL in 2020) and educational blog content (how to deal with unruly coarse hair).

Best NFL Beards



What I learn from UNTUCKit is that great product photography is a huge asset in selling just about anything.

Oh and a great brand name helps too!

Happiness Abscissa (Ha)


Not many Shopify stores feel like art to me — but this one does. What do you think?

Another interesting lesson here is the creative, weird, but memorable name with an acronym. Certainly not the norm but it works.

Ha is also a shining example of how to get around the "all the good domain names are gone" problem. Invent something by thinking outside of the box.

Maiden Home

Maiden Home

The lesson I get from this store is to pick an aesthetic and let it flow through the entire store, the design, and the product offerings.



There are plenty of nice sunglasses stores on the Shopify platform — this is one of my favorites. They capture a feeling and vibe well.

Studio Neat

Studio Neat

A great tactic is to know what you are and what you stand for as a business — and then reflect that back to the customer.



If you can make your Shopify store an actual experience it will put you above and beyond the rest.

Check out the moving gallery photos here. Awesome stuff!

Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee

How can you not appreciate a brand named Death Wish Coffee? This is one outfit that embraces their brand and culture.

They also do a great job with their blog content.

Death Wish Blog - Great example of Shopify blogging

Bison Coolers

Bison Coolers — a top Shopify store

Maybe Bison can make a run after Yeti? A sweet looking Shopify store is not a bad way to start.

Christy Dawn

Great Shopify Stores — Christy Dawn

This is another example of a great looping video on a store home page. Very effectively done in my view.

Or maybe I am just a sucker for old VW buses?

Conclusions on Amazing Shopify Stores

With all of their branding and marketing capabilities, Shopify is a great platform to take your Amazon or eBay business to the next level.

Building a Shopify store with great personality, feeling, and passion elevates your eCommerce business to new heights.

Leading Shopify stores have a unifying idea, a theme, or a purpose, and this reflects what they sell, how they sell it, and how they display their products online.

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