3 Quick Hacks to Get More eBay Sales

By far the most common feedback from JoeLister customers on the way out the door is trouble with slow eBay sales. Keeping eBay sales volume up is a challenge.

Here is a recent note from a customer:

"Loved your software, it worked just fine, but I am not selling enough anymore on eBay to cover costs."

While using the best Amazon to eBay listing software helps. Selling on eBay has can still be challenging, so this post will investigate a few tricks that can help create more eBay sales.

1) eBay Promoted Listings Will Get You More eBay Sales

You may not like that my first suggestion is not free. I don't like paying eBay fees either. But eBay promotions work well.

90% of my own sales on eBay this past month came from promoted listings.

Despite the costs, there are some great advantages to this eBay program:

  1. It is easy to turn on and enable. You can even enable promotions in bulk to all of your eligible eBay listings. So little time requirement is needed.
  2. You only pay extra eBay fees if your item sells via Promoted Listings. This means some free exposure for your products.
  3. You can adjust how aggressive (and thus how expensive) it is. I would imagine for less competitive niches or products you could gain impact somewhat cheaply.

How to Enable eBay Promoted Listings for Your Items

This link should display your eBay listings that are eligible for promoting (but are not currently promoted).

For example, this is what I see now:

3 Quick Hacks to Get More eBay Sales: eBay Promoted Listings Eligible

I had already promoted all of my listings, so you only see one item I added for this post. But if you had several items you could quickly promote them in bulk to save time.

Do keep in mind with a bulk approach you cannot have different ad rates for different items. But you could edit the ad rate later on individual eBay listings.

3 Quick Hacks to Get More eBay Sales: Promoted Listings Ad Example

This is what you see when promoting an individual eBay listing. I usually go with the recommended ad rate, but feel free to experiment with lower or higher rates.

You must factor in your profit margins and costs when adding another expense to the mix. Since my items are high profit margins, eBay Promoted Listings feels like a no-brainer to me.

Here is my eBay Promoted Listings Dashboard for the past month:

Note: Ten extra eBay sales may not be much to you, but I only sell for testing & experimental purposes, so that is a huge eBay sales boost for me.

3 Quick Hacks to Get More eBay Sales: Promoted Listing Dashboard

I am not a math guru, but 1058 clicks for $14.24 in ad spend is less than a penny per click. I am happy with that.

$1.42 per sale works also, especially considering my items are all very high profit (crazy deals I find when shopping for other things).

2) Using Best Offers with Your eBay Listings

Again, this is a strategy that could be easier for higher margin listings but moving an item today at a 5% or 10% discount compared to it sitting for another few months is a positive for me.

I love using JoeLister to sell my stranded Amazon items on eBay — so when I need to move something out of Amazon to avoid extra fees, a Best Offer sale can be helpful.

Keep in mind you can turn on Best Offer for your upcoming JoeLister eBay listings by enabling that within Advanced Settings.

3 Quick Hacks to Get More eBay Sales: JoeLister Best Offer Setting

Some eBay shoppers want to feel like they are getting a special deal. Buyer psychology tells us that even just a few dollars off can push a potential customer over the edge to buying your item.

3) Send Offers for More eBay Sales

If you are on the eBay Manage Active Listings page you will see a tab called Send Offers - eligible. Here you can select items that eBay has pooled specific buyers that may be interested in your item (have viewed your listing, are watching it, etc.)

You can select a discounted price and send the offer out. Many will ignore your offer, but some may bite. Again, this is easy and quick to do, and you can send them out in bulk.

I usually do a fixed 10% off and have had some luck with that.

We hope these tips help you sell more on eBay — the competition gets fiercer by the day, so you need to be creative and take action.

PS: For even more eBay sales tips check out this follow up post.

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