Amazon Blank Box & Logistics updates.

What is Blank Box fulfillment? 

Amazon has recently added a feature for selected FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers that allows them to fulfill orders from non-Amazon sales channels in a box without the Amazon logo. They call this feature “Blank Box” and helps sellers who prefer their orders from eBay, Shopify, etc. to be delivered in non branded boxes. The Amazon MCF team began the program in 2020 but, as of today, is still in Beta and available only to selected users. 

Can I stop Amazon trucks from delivering my MCF packages?

Yes, Amazon updated their system in June to allow for sellers to select the option to block Amazon Logistics (AMZL) as the shipping partner for MCF orders. What this means for sellers is that when an order is placed on eBay, Shopify or other marketplaces, those items will be delivered by USPS or UPS. Amazon does charge a 5% surcharge for blocking Amazon Logistics but that 5% is only on the shipping fee, not the item price. No longer do you have to worry about an Amazon vehicle dropping off your orders and confusing your customers. 

What does this mean for me?

Amazon sellers now can begin the on-boarding process to both of these programs. Using Seller Central, users now have the ability to send in a Blank Box, if you are in the beta program, and the ability to block Amazon Logistics which can be done from the MCF order creation page. 

How can I jump the Blank Box Beta line? 

JoeLister has recently been included as a preferred partner with Amazon’s new MCF program. As part of this new partnership with Amazon’s MCF, all JoeLiser sellers now have been added to the Blank Box program and any new customers are automatically enrolled. If you are looking to add Blank Box fulfillment to your MCF strategy now is a great time to try JoeLister

Can I automate Blank Box? 

YES! JoeLister allows users to select the Blank Box option directly within the application. When your orders are automatically fulfilled by Amazon we will attach the appropriate information so that your MCF orders are fulfilled with Blank Box that requires no seller interaction needed.

Use Blank Box Fulfillment

Can I automate Blocking Amazon Logistics? 

YES! in your seller central account setting there is an option to "Block Amazon Logistics for all MCF orders" for a 5% surcharge on the shipping cost. If you click this link "Block Amazon Logistics" you can select the Block Amazon Logistics setting and update your settings. Once selected all MCF orders will be shipped via UPS or USPS to conform with external marketplace terms of service.

Do you operate or have suppliers in other Countries?

Many eCommerce sellers operate in countries different from their home country. We want to help sellers of all sizes grow with less friction and more scalability. Our partner, Airwallex, helps sellers complete global payments. Airwallex can help you grow internationally to new markets by opening local bank accounts and using their global card to pay anyone anywhere without fees. As a JoeLister partner, Airwallex is offering $20k in free FX fees to help your global expansion here:

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