eBay Managed Payments

I have lived with eBay Managed Payments now for several weeks and wanted to write about my experiences.

I know that eBay Managed Payments have been a cause of anxiety for eBay sellers and thought it may be helpful to discuss my experiences thus far with eBay Managed Payments.

Humans in general already hate change, but busy entrepreneurs may hate change even more. Especially when a change is not optional at all.

There may have been some recent eBay changes people were happy about — but this did not seem like one of them.

I waited until the last minute possible to setup my eBay Managed Payments settings — I was worried it would impact my business.

eBay Managed Payments — Getting Paid

I rely on my eBay funds to come in regularly so I have money in the business account to purchase new inventory as well as having funds to pay employees.

So this was something I was nervous about like the rest of you. Whether you are a big seller offloading tons of liquidation merchandise on eBay — or just a part-time seller — we all want to get paid quickly.

While money does not come in immediately for every sale via PayPal like it used to, I was able to set my payment schedule to daily to keep the account balance fueled.

eBay Managed Payments — Payout Settings

And looking at my recent payouts schedule I can see that the payments are coming daily as expected.

eBay Managed Payouts

I was concerned about only getting paid once per month — that would have been difficult for my business. So I am pleased with this and it has not caused me trouble.

But there is one thing that did cause me a lot of trouble with the switch to eBay Managed Payments.

Shipping Charges Confusion

Before Managed Payments, I would get paid into one of two PayPal accounts and then pay for shipping out of PayPal as well.

Going to Managed Payments created a problem for me there. My payments now go straight into my business checking account, but shipping fees were still being paid by my personal eBay account.

I looked all over through my eBay settings and removed anything that pointed to this PayPal account.

It was still happening...

I removed all connections to eBay from my PayPal account.

But I was still paying shipping from my personal PayPal account and was totally stumped how to resolve this.

Then I finally figured out the clue. At the very bottom of a shipping page was this setting that was still checked to pay via PayPal.

I changed the setting to pay with my pending payouts and that fixed the issue.

Managed Payments Questions and Concerns

Here are a few of the more common questions I believe people have about Managed Payments.

What about my old listings? Do I need to change anything?

No eBay should take care of everything for you here. Once you are switched over to Managed Payments, payments are just no longer coming into your PayPal account is all.

What about eBay returns? How will that work?

The return funds will just come out of your unpaid balance and thus your next deposit will be lower minus the amount of the return.

Refunds actually get a bit simpler with Managed Payments as you are just dealing with eBay now — instead of both PayPal and eBay like before. You might have had eBay reject a buyer's request, but later PayPal sends them a bogus refund anyhow.

Will I have to pay for shipping before being paid for the item?

Yes and no actually. Yes if you are going to continue to pay for shipping out of PayPal. No if you are going to pay for shipping via pending payments since that will just come out of your payout balance.

Can I still ship via USPS?

Yes, I have still been able to ship with both USPS and FedEx.

Any JoeLister Issues with Managed Payments?

This is a common customer question. While there may some be some edge cases out there — I have yet to see any JoeLister customers with issues due to eBay Managed Payments being enabled.

I did not have to change anything with my JoeLister account for everything to work normally.

My Conclusions on Life with eBay Managed Payments

I realize some may have had troubles with Managed Payments. But for me it has been mostly painless.

Once I resolved my issue with shipping charges — nothing else related to this major eBay change has caused me any troubles.

There still may be plenty about eBay I wish was better, but I believe they did a decent job handling this particular change.

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