Improve Your Amazon IPI By Cross-Selling with JoeLister

Improve Your Amazon IPI By Cross-Selling with JoeLister

Did you know that, as a cross-channel seller between Amazon + Shopify and Amazon + eBay, you can significantly increase your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score? It’s as simple, cost-effective, and seamless as signing up for the JoeLister app, where you’ll realize the benefits of an increased IPI by automating your inventory control.

Why is this especially important now? Amazon is introducing changes to how it calculates IPI effective June 1, 2021. As you know, your IPI score measures how skilled you are at managing your fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) inventory. And you know that you want the highest IPI possible. The upcoming changes to the FBA and MCF fee structure and program—including the critical new update that sales made outside of the Amazon ecosystem (Shopify and eBay) will henceforth be included in your IPI score—mean that now is the time to take advantage of the listing and management tools that JoeLister has to offer.

That’s right. Anytime you sell a sell a product on either the Shopify or eBay platform, and it’s fulfilled by Amazon, your IPI will be impacted. This change should be viewed as an opportunity to increase sales if you have the ability to streamline inventory performance such as occurs when you become a JoeLister client.

Let’s Take a Look at a Scenario

Your company, Yummy Rice Cooker, manufactures an amazing rice cooker, the best one ever to hit the market. You’ve ramped up production and now you want to reach as many buyers as possible. Naturally, you are already selling your Yummy Rice Cookers on Amazon, and you are now opening up shop on eBay and Shopify to expand your reach, which leads to… increased sales. You’ve also made the wise move to become an FBA seller, integrating sales made on eBay and Shopify and thereby avoiding the cumbersome tasks of picking, packing, and shipping as well as the expense of providing excellent customer service.

Yet you also want to maintain a high IPI score with Amazon and wonder whether selling across all three platforms has the potential to negatively impact your IPI due to inventory management complications. You’ve received notice that effective June 1, 2021, IPI will now include all sales made across all three marketplaces: Amazon, Shopify, and eBay.

What impact will this change have on you? Is it possible to achieve a high-performance score when the FBA program will now count all the Yummy Rice Cookers sold across all three marketplaces? How can you keep a tight grip on inventory to meet the huge demand you’ll generate, and yet be agile enough to make any adjustments needed during naturally occurring or unpredictable slow sales cycles? Now you’re getting a headache trying to figure all this out. You fear that you might spend too much effort and time trying to achieve a high IPI score rather than focusing on marketing your Yummy Rice Cooker to the world. And this where JoeLister comes into play.

When you sign up for the JoeLister app:

- Inventory control is automated, negating the need for you to manually manage it.

- Inventory numbers are synchronized between Amazon and Shopify, and Amazon and eBay, so you don’t end up overselling or underselling, which will strengthen your IPI score.

- You’ll obtain a healthy IPI which will incur lower fees, and maybe more importantly, increase your ability to maintain higher inventory levels (meaning the opportunity to sell even more Yummy Rice Cookers).

- The integration works two ways: you can also automatically list your Amazon inventory on both Shopify and eBay. And because JoeLister keeps quantities and prices in sync between Amazon, eBay and Shopify, you don’t have to worry about double-selling your rice cooker again.

There are many more benefits to partnering with JoeLister. Discover why Web Retailer rated JoeLister ★★★★★ for excellent service, ease of use, and reliable customer support.

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