JoeLister 2019 Year in Review

2019 was a busy at JoeLister and this is a post to review some of the more important changes to JoeLister launched in the past year.


Automated Repricing

We noticed that more JoeLister customers are using repricing tools for their Amazon inventory. Some of these Amazon repricing tools may alter prices multiple times per day.

Many customers want to know that their eBay listing prices will be getting automatically updated as their Amazon prices change.

So we added automated repricing. You can enable this within your Advanced Settings in JoeLister.

Additions to Amazon inventory page

  • Added ability to delist eBay listing directly from Amazon Inventory page.
  • Added ability to re-import Amazon listing to inventory (helpful for updating images, description, or other major elements of the Amazon item).
Amazon Inventory Tools
  • Added ability to display inventory that is currently at zero. This helped avoid customer confusion for missing imported Amazon inventory items (as we used to completely hide items with no inventory). Note that by default zero quantity items are still hidden.
Amazon Inventory Filters

Discounted annual plans options added

All JoeLister plans now have an alternative annual plan that is heavily discounted compared to our normal monthly rates. We can change any monthly plan to an annual plan if you want to start saving today. Just let us know.

JoeLister Annual Plans

New Supreme plan

We had a very large gap in listing allowances between Enterprise (unlimited listings) and the JoeLister Pro plan. So Supreme was added as a new plan option for customers in the middle of those two plans.

New JoeLister affiliate plan

We added a new affiliate plan that pays cash to affiliates and is easier to use and understand earnings. The JoeLister affiliate plan pays a generous 22% ongoing payment for any paying customer you refer to JoeLister.

Fixed price formatting issues in Stripe invoices

We had some situations where amounts in invoices were not formatted properly.

Extra Alert on Plan Changes
After adding annual plans to the mix — we had a great deal of customer confusion with people accidentally picking annual plans. So we added an extra prompt to avoid confusion.

JoeLister Plan Alert


eBay Shipping Location Change

In our settings we used to only allow for you to set your eBay Shipping Location in one place. This worked great for most customers since often they are either Amazon FBA sellers or Amazon Merchant sellers. But we do have customers that sell both, so a change was needed.

eBay Shipping Location

We altered settings so you can indicate the specific address from where you ship your items on your own, along with indicating the country that your Amazon FBA items are shipped from.

Adding pricing data for recent eBay sales of item

Within the listing tool we used to only show the most recent price of the item on eBay, but often these prices do not give you the full idea of how much the item could potentially be worth. So we added the highest recent sale price for a bigger picture.

eBay Pricing

Fixed eBay Pricing Formulas

Some pricing formulas were not labeling all currencies properly.

Changes to JoeLister Shipping Profile for eBay

We changed the default handling time within the JoeLister Shipping Profile from 1 days to 2 days — as Amazon shipment delays are becoming more commonplace.

Improved Usability in Advanced Settings

  • Added more meaningful error messages for Amazon inventory issues.
  • Add ability to set Best Offer for listings individually instead of an all or nothing setup.
  • Fixed issue with pricing formulas being incorrect with items that have expected profit of $0.00.
  • Changed naming of bulk tools on eBay listing page for better clarity.
  • Turned on enable email notifications setting by default.

Random Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue on eBay listings page where newly updated listings still displayed old prices.
  • Fixed issue where the trial end date showing in JoeLister was showing an outdated value.
  • Fixed issues with listing on eBay for German customers.
  • Resolved various user interface issues with our listing tool.

Deprecated or Removed Items

CrazyLister Support

We removed official support for CrazyLister eBay templates. We have had reports of issues with customers experiencing quirks in using CrazyLister templates.

Since these are issues outside of our control, we no longer want to promise compatibility with CrazyLister.

Listing Options Removed

Since eBay removed support for fixed listings of 7 days and 30 days, we had to remove these options.

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