Listing Mirror Alternative: JoeLister vs Listing Mirror

This will be a post digging into Listing Mirror and detailing all of the ways that Listing Mirror alternative, JoeLister, may be different, easier to use, or more effective.

Onboarding Process

I was surprised that right off the bat how different JoeLister and Listing Mirror are.

While JoeLister allow you to immediately get started, Listing Mirror forces you to have a meeting first.

Listing Mirror Call

I was able to schedule a meeting for tomorrow. So sadly this article will get delayed for now.

Listing Mirror Has No Free Trials

I had my signup call with a nice gentleman at Listing Mirror, but I still had no access to the software.

It turns out I have to pick a plan and sadly Listing Mirror offers no free trials.

Picking the cheapest plan for me came at a rotund $85 a month.

JoeLister has 14-day trials for all plans and the lowest pricing plan starts at $25 per month.

Setup Process for JoeLister and Listing Mirror

Here we find that both Listing Mirror and JoeLister are fairly comparable.

Connecting my Amazon account on Listing Mirror like JoeLister is just a matter of adding an Amazon MWS application within my Seller Central account.

Connect my Amazon MWS Account

Adding Amazon MWS app

The directions in Listing Mirror were slightly confusing — as they are out of date compared to recent Amazon Seller Central changes. But I figured it out eventually.

Adding My Shopify Store

Both JoeLister and Listing Mirror work by bringing you to Shopify to install their Shopify app to your Shopify store.

One interesting difference is that the Listing Mirror Shopify has not been reviewed or approved by Shopify. The JoeLister app has gone through the Shopify vetting process.

Listing Mirror Shopify App

Listing Mirror Has More Sales Channels Available

JoeLister only has support for Amazon to eBay listing and Amazon to Shopify listing.

Listing Mirror provides several channels, and this appears to be one of their main selling points.

Listing Mirror Channels

Where is My Inventory?

After I connected my Amazon, eBay, and Shopify accounts (I don't use any of the other channels that Listing Mirror offers) I ran into my first major snag.

I have no inventory anywhere to work with. Nothing.

With JoeLister after connecting your Amazon account your Amazon inventory will start to import and load pretty quickly.

Listing Mirror: Where is my inventory yo?

Time to dig through the manual?

Looking through support and videos on inventory it is still unclear to me how to get my Amazon inventory to load.

So I had to file a support ticket. Time to pause this review once again.

Until tomorrow my friends.

Support Loaded Inventory for Me

Support got my items loading, so we can continue now.

Let's start with the listing tab. I have my Amazon products showing there.

Listing Mirror: Listings Tab

Listing Mirror Missing Some Amazon Products

What is interesting is that Listing Mirror is missing some of my items compared to JoeLister.

Listing Mirror is showing 28 Amazon items vs 38 on JoeLister.

I am missing a bunch of my books and DVDs on Listing Mirror. I am unsure why they would be missing as they are active items on Amazon and are showing in JoeLister.

That is disappointing. I also don't see a way to refresh my inventory to try to get those missing ten items to load.

JoeLister has a refresh inventory button clearly available on top — so another win for the Listing Mirror alternative, JoeLister.

JoeLister Inventory Refresh

Listing to Shopify

Listing to Shopify was easy by just clicking on an icon. The item was transferred over to Shopify pretty quickly.

There is very little difference here compared to how JoeLister works.

Listing Mirror to Shopify listing

Additionally both JoeLister and Listing Mirror allow for bulk listing.

The only noticeable difference here is that JoeLister posts to Shopify faster than Listing Mirror. Porting over just 3 items to Shopify took minutes to finally process in Listing Mirror.

Listing Mirror — Pending

Listing three different items at once using JoeLister was instantaneous.

After several minutes my original push from Listing Mirror to Shopify went through. Not sure why it took so long, but there is a huge difference in performance here between Listing Mirror and the alternative — JoeLister.

If you want to do fast bulk listing to Shopify, Listing Mirror may not be the tool for you.

Listing to eBay from Listing Mirror

Here I ran into some trouble with Listing Mirror again. After trying to list a few items to my eBay account I kept having issues.

  1. After pushing I saw a "pending" status that lasted for long while to just be followed by...
  2. A failure.
Listing Mirror to eBay failure

I tried another item and experienced the same issue.

Still cannot post to eBay

I assume this works for some, but I was unable to get eBay listing to work with Listing Mirror.

The alternative to Listing Mirror, JoeLister actually allows you to post eBay successfully. Yet one more win for JoeLister in comparison.

List of Amazon Inventory

Both of these tools for Amazon sellers allow you to work with your Amazon listings but the usability of Listing Mirror leaves something to be desired.

Listing Mirror inventory

JoeLister is more user friendly as you can easily comprehend what you are looking at, have more information at your fingertips, and can click on column headings to shift your Amazon inventory in order by different data fields.

JoeLIster Amazon Inventory

eBay and Shopify Listing Pages

JoeLister has listing pages to easily view and manage active listings but I don't see any type of functionality for this on the Listing Mirror side.

JoeLister Listing Page

Listing Mirror has a page called listing, but it displays all of my inventory and not just the active listings for some reason.

Strangely the functionality between the listing pages and inventory pages on Listing Mirror appears to be exactly the same. This is odd.

eBay and Shopify Sales Pages

Both Listing Mirror and JoeLister have sales pages where you can see orders that have come in from Shopify or eBay.

But there is one major difference between the two — JoeLister only shows orders that came from JoeLister — which makes more sense.

Listing Mirror shows all of my orders and if I just want to see the orders from Listing Mirror — you cannot do that.

Listing Mirror does have some sales charts which you do not get with JoeLister though.

Listing Mirror Sales

eBay Settings

Both platforms have some eBay specific settings which provide a view into some of the eBay functionality.

I will focus here on some of the key differences between JoeLister and Listing Mirror.

Listing Mirror has an eBay holdback quantity feature that JoeLister does not have.

eBay Holdback

Listing Mirror has several built in shipping profiles to choose from and JoeLister only has one shipping profile. That is a nice positive for Listing Mirror.

Listing Mirror Shipping Policies

Listing Mirror also has some refund settings and JoeLister does not anything like that.

Listing Mirror returns settings

Listing Mirror allows for use of your own eBay policies whereas JoeLister automatically resorts to using unique JoeLister policies.

JoeLister has a lot of pricing formula flexibility to automatically price listings based on your needs. Listing Mirror does not have functions for this.

JoeLister Pricing Formula

Listing Mirror has better flexibility here in some ways, but the most important thing is listing, and I ran into problems listing to eBay using Listing Mirror.

Shopify Settings

Now we will look into what are some obvious differences between Listing Mirror and the alternative JoeLister with listing from Amazon to Shopify.

While both platforms support variations for eBay, only Listing Mirror supports variations for Shopify (JoeLister will be adding support for that soon).

Shopify variations

Listing Mirror does not have any automated pricing controls like JoeLister does.

Shopify Pricing on JoeLister

Listing Mirror does have more choices in terms of fulfillment as JoeLister only supports fulfillment via Amazon MCF.

Listing Mirror Fullfillnment Settings

Conclusions on Listing Mirror vs. JoeLister

Listing Mirror has a much larger variety of channel support compared to JoeLister. This is important to those wanting to sell on more than just Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

That is a nice advantage but that seems to have come at a great cost.

I found using Listing Mirror to be confusing and buggy — and this may likely be a result of all of the different sales channels they support.

I could not list successfully to my eBay account at all and it was unexpected to see core features of Listing Mirror fail.

The lack of free trial plans with Listing Mirror was also surprising and unwelcome.

I also did not appreciate having to wait for an onboarding call before I could access their listing tool.

JoeLister is easier to use, performs much faster, and is more reliable — at the end of the day that is what counts when using online software tools.

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