Native eBay Variation Listings & More

We have been busy at JoeLister making it easier for you to sell more on eBay.

This post will cover some of the more important changes to detail — let's start with eBay variations.

JoeLister Variations

The best eBay lister is now even better — All JoeLister customers now have the ability to create variation listings on eBay.

Let's details how that works.

Creating a Variation Listing

If the Amazon product is a variant listing our system will automatically realize this and will load all of the children variants within the parent product listing.

In this example you could click through each of these size child variants and edit pricing as needed.

JoeLister automatically prices your items based on your pricing settings but you can always override things as needed.

Should you need to remove some of the children before creating the listing to eBay you can click on the REMOVE button to remove that child.

JoeLister remove variant button

I am happy with all of my sizes and prices, so let's go ahead and publish this variant listing to eBay.

Now you can see a nice unified variant listing on eBay:

JoeLister Variant Listing on eBay

Backwards Compatibility

We realize you may have already listed children listings on eBay in the past with JoeLister. So what to do in that case?

In this situation your old split listings for each variant would still be active.

If you want to convert this product to a variant listing:

  1. First delist all of the children listings from eBay.
  2. Then refresh your JoeLister Amazon inventory using the blue REFRESH button.

Now you should see just the parent item within your inventory and can relist this product on eBay as a variant listing.

Inline Text Editor Added

JoeLister now has a text editor for the product description field within the listing tool.

This way you can easily beautify your product description for your eBay listing.

This should help distinguish your listings and will also likely generate some SEO benefits.

JoeLister text editor

With the JoeLister text editor you can easily add headings, bulleted lists, font styling, and color to your product descriptions.

User Interface Improvements

JoeLister is excited to have a new talented UX/UI developer on board and we are putting him to work for you.

He has already started making JoeLister easier to use with a more modern and cleaner interface.

For example look at the new filtering section of the Amazon Inventory page:

JoeLister Amazon Filters

We have some more refinements around the corner along with JoeLister support for Shopify as well.

Stay tuned.

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