Shopify will no longer support the existing Amazon sales channel.

Shopify will no longer support the existing Amazon sales channel.

Shopify recently announced that it will no longer be supporting the existing Amazon sales channel and any users that would like to continue using those features will need to use another 3rd party app. This is quite sudden and has implication for a lot of sellers who sell on Amazon and Shopify. It appears there is a divide in the cooperation between Shopify & Amazon that is growing.

In the message to their users Shopify outlines:

Shopify will no longer support the existing Amazon sales channel as of September 27, 2021. After this date, you must use a new partner app to integrate your store with Amazon.

To continue managing Amazon directly from Shopify, our partners have developed new integrations that will continue to reliably importand fulfill Amazon orders in Shopify. With these new apps, you’ll be able to:
·        Sync all order information within Shopify in real-time, including orders fulfilled on Amazon
·        Create listings and offers in all available Amazon categories
·        Edit published products and offers individually and in bulk within Shopify

For those Shopify sellers who rely on Amazon’s FBA program to fulfill their orders this creates a huge challenge. Removing the automated sales flow so that allows your Shopify orders to be fulfilled and shipped automatically can create delays and unhappy customers.  Secondarily the added work and time that will be required to manually create orders on Seller Central makes scaling nearly impossible.

JoeLister is built to alleviate the stress and complexity for sellers across multiple channels. Our listing tool allows you to take your existing Amazon inventory, create Shopify listings and provides automated fulfillment for FBA sellers with tracking that flows back to your Shopify buyer. We remove the manual processes that this disruption will ultimately cause for sellers.

If you are looking for a simple, affordable and scalable solution to integrate your Amazon FBA inventory to Shopify try JoeLister today. Our plans are designed to help sellers of all sizes and we do not limit sales volume like our competitors. Starting at $39.99 a month you can create, manage, sell and fulfill up to 100 Shopify listings with no per transaction fees or limits with plans to scale as you grow.

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