Shopify Amazon Integration: Everything You Need to Know

shopify amazon integration

If you are an Amazon seller, the next logical step on your successful ecommerce journey is a Shopify & Amazon integration. This will not only get you new business, but it will also protect your company. You don’t want to grow dependent on a single platform. Not integrating is a sorely missed opportunity for Amazon sellers.

There is no question that Amazon rules the world of ecommerce with consumers and businesses becoming increasingly dependent on Amazon. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased Amazon’s hegemony, making it the equivalent of an essential service. The company’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) takes care of the packing and shipping, an incredible convenience. FBA offers free shipping, storage, removal, and returns.

However, there is a downside to working with this ecommerce giant.  Your business is at its mercy. If Amazon’s search results algorithm changes, your merchandise – and your sales – could essentially disappear. Ruthless competitors could pay people to purchase your products, then give you bad reviews.  You may even find yourself the victim of bogus complaints from competitors and end up with the nightmare of a suspended account. Of course, the competitor’s behavior would violate Amazon’s terms of service, but your business could be left reeling from these lies.

Shopify Amazon Integration Benefits

Keep in mind that, unlike Amazon, Shopify does not compete with you. Amazon may copy your product and sell its own version, potentially killing your business on its platform. That is not an issue with Shopify.

Very importantly, with Shopify, you own your customer list. With Amazon, you do not. This is a serious concern. Amazon does not give sellers access to its customer emails or addresses. All of that information belongs to Amazon. How do you build your brand and let your customers know about new products or specials? On Amazon, you can do neither. But on Shopify, you can do both! The sheer number of advanced sales tactics on Shopify versus the meager amount available on Amazon should persuade sellers that integration is a necessity.

The benefits of integrating are invaluable. Amazon’s Multi-channel Fulfillment allows sellers to fulfill their Shopify orders through their FBA inventory. Shopify is one of the most user-friendly ecommerce platforms available. Customers find the Shopify experience straightforward and elegant. It is also extremely mobile-friendly, a critical factor when the majority of purchases are now made via smartphone.

Integration brings you increased branding and marketing opportunities, along with more visibility. With Amazon, your branding opportunities are limited. You get a display name and storefront link – and that is that. There is no mechanism for engaging your audience, telling the story of your brand, or even including your logo.

Compare Amazon’s lack of branding and marketing opportunities with what Shopify offers. You can boost your sales revenue by taking advantage of Shopify’s outstanding selection of apps and options. Amazon’s Marketplace just cannot compare. With Shopify, you will find plenty of creative techniques for revenue enhancement, such as upselling and recovering abandoned carts.

On Shopify, you can set up a beautiful website showcasing your products and their attributes. Simply send out a link to your leads so they can view your top items the way you want them seen.

What do you need for a Shopify Amazon integration?

At this point, you know a Shopify Amazon integration is the right way to expand your ecommerce business. You may still wonder about how to integrate, and that answer is simple. JoeLister is the way to go! It is the easiest and fastest way to list your Amazon inventory on Shopify, with the entire process taking just five minutes. JoeLister offers a free, two-week trial so you can try it out before making a commitment.

Get started by creating an account. Then connect your Amazon Seller account and your Shopify store. With just one click, you can list your Amazon items on your Shopify store. In just a few minutes, you can publish hundreds of listings, complete with photos, descriptions, and product information.

Even better, you never have to worry about over selling an item. JoeLister takes care of keeping your product quantities and prices in sync between the two platforms. When you receive an order on Shopify, JoeLister tells Amazon to ship the items. And when it’s shipped, JoeLister grabs the tracking number and uploads it to Shopify.

With JoeLister, you can easily cross-list your Amazon products with your Shopify store. To make sure you receive the optimal price for your products on both platforms, set up intelligent pricing for Shopify listings. You’ll also enjoy the other standard features of JoeLister, including beautiful descriptions and repricing.

Choose Your Level

shopify amazon integration
Shopify Amazon integration can make a world of difference for your ecommerce business

We offer sellers support levels ranging from basic to enterprise. The number of live listings ranges from 100 at the basic level to unlimited at the enterprise level. At the pro level and up, clients receive enhanced repricing, enhanced quality sync, and priority email support. No matter the size of your e-commerce retail operation, you can’t afford to not to get involved with Shopify.

The Future is Here

Over the years, JoeLister’s Amazon sellers have sold more than $6 billion on eBay. With our Amazon Shopify integration, we anticipate similarly outstanding sales figures. Do not procrastinate – start the integration today with our free trial offer and find out for yourself how seamless JoeLister makes the entire process.

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Amazon sellers should take the next step in expanding their market with Shopify Amazon integration. The process is simple and the results are amazing. Build your brand while boosting your revenue. JoeLister takes care of all your Shopify Amazon integration needs.

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