A Shopify-Amazon Integration Strategy to Protect and Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

If you are an Amazon seller and are not already selling on Shopify, you are missing out on an excellent opportunity to protect, expand, and grow your brand. So, if you do not have a Shopify Amazon integration strategy, now is the time to get started.

JoeLister is here to help you every step of the way!

Amazon + Shopify

Thinking in terms of Amazon vs. Shopify is counterproductive. Instead, consider Amazon + Shopify, because there are many ways in which they complement each other. By creating a Shopify store to expand your Amazon business you could see a big jump in sales compared to selling only on Amazon.

While Amazon allows for a broad customer reach, it does not allow you to have nearly as much control as Shopify. Shopify gives you access to customer information that Amazon keeps for itself. It also gives you outstanding opportunities to develop your branding and marketing.

Additionally, Amazon does not offer you any branding opportunities, period. With Amazon you are limited to a storefront link and a lower-case store name. This is the minimum necessary to actually conduct a sale, and the minimum is all you get. There are no opportunities to connect with your customers, create the kind of content that builds your brand, or even show your logo. All of this is on top of the fact that your products are not presented in an attractive way – in fact, Amazon listings are as unmemorable as possible.

Also, Amazon’s buyer and seller communication policies are quite strict. If you use email marketing to notify customers of upcoming sales or promotions, you can’t use Amazon’s direct buyer-selling messaging as it is against the rules. Consequences may prove harsh if you overstep these boundaries.

Shopify on the other hand offers a plethora of opportunities for sellers to build their brands. It’s considered the best platform for ecommerce businesses of any size and the most user-friendly for online store creation. For example, you could link those email marketing offerings mentioned above directly to your Shopify store.

The Shopify Website

On Shopify, you have the opportunity to showcase your store with a beautiful, well-organized website. The bells and whistles unavailable on Amazon are all ready to take advantage of here.

Shopify has literally thousands of apps that can do virtually anything you want for your store. Fully automated abandoned cart notifications, so users receive reminders of items they left behind on your site, plugins for social proof and even custom branded tracking pages to name a few. The sheer number of available apps means the sky is the limit for customizing your store.

Social media drives sales, but that means little on Amazon. With Shopify, you can drive traffic from social media posts directly to your website. Shopify even has an app allowing users to message you directly via Facebook Messenger. There is no need to buy more software. It is simply a matter of checking your Messenger inbox.

Additionally, creating content, such as blogs, boosts your brand awareness, and can help your company rank higher in search results when customers are looking for your products. When you post new, quality content regularly and optimize it for SEO, your blogs gain favor with the all-powerful Google algorithm. If you are not familiar with SEO, do not worry – Shopify has an app for that too.

grow business shopify amazon integration
Joelister makes Shopify-Amazon integration easy so you can focus on growing your use-commerce business.

How JoeLister Can Help

JoeLister makes it super easy to integrate and expand to Shopify, giving you all the benefits of multichannel selling. Not only does multichannel selling increase your sales, but it also reduces your company’s risk. If there is an issue on one channel, your sales from other channels can keep your business going.

Our JoeLister Amazon and Shopify integration is extremely cost-effective. It is also as hassle-free as possible, making importing Amazon listings to your Shopify store a breeze. No more manually sending orders to Amazon for your Shopify sales. We automate that process. We also maintain your prices and keep inventory numbers synchronized between Amazon and Shopify, so you don’t end up overselling or lose money from selling your items at a lower price. And when Amazon ships out the product, we automatically update Shopify orders with the tracking information.

Ecommerce businesses that are not taking advantage of a Shopify Amazon integration are truly missing an opportunity. When you expand your presence to Shopify, you get the best of both worlds - a broad customer reach and prime marketing tools. Rely on JoeLister for your Shopify Amazon integration, and take advantage of our two-week free trial offer. Our track record is second to none!

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