The 13 Best Shopify Apps You Need in 2020

Shopify is one of the strongest eCommerce platforms out there but without the best Shopify apps installed you are at a disadvantage. The sheer number of features and functionality that sellers can gain with Shopify apps can be overwhelming without a guide.

Shopify’s app store has over 4,100 different apps available as of now, which includes both free and paid apps that can do everything from automatically add sales tax based on the customer’s location to connect your store to your Google Analytics account with just a few clicks.

While there’s enormous customization potential with over 4,000 apps, there are a few in particular that we recommend all Shopify storeowners consider.

In this post, we’re going to look at the thirteen best Shopify apps that sellers need in 2020.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales & Marketing 

Shopify has a large number of exceptional apps that are designed to help you boost on-platform sales and increase your marketing efforts.

These can work in a number of different ways, including syncing up your Shopify store with third-party tools that you’re using, or offering new functionality like a customer review add-on.

There are a lot of Shopify apps to choose from, so you should take some time to browse the app store if you have a specific need for something we don’t list here.

Overall, however, these are some of the best Shopify apps to increase sales in 2020.

Free Shipping Bar 

Have you ever found yourself on an eCommerce site proactively looking for things to purchase, because if you do so you’ll hit the required threshold for free shipping?

Best Shopify Apps for Sales & Marketing — Free Shipping Bar

Use that same strategy for your Shopify store, offering customers free shipping if they purchase a certain dollar amount.

This Shopify app will remind users while they’re shopping and viewing their cart that they can spend more to save more, increasing your average order value. Product Reviews 

On-site reviews are a great way to build trust and increase both product sales and average order value quickly. This app will allow you to collect and showcase reviews in a number of different places on your site, making them a core part of your product pages.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales & Marketing —

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell 

It’s much cheaper and effective to re-engage existing or past customers than it is to acquire new ones, so use this plugin to reconnect and drive sales with existing customers. After a customer purchases, use thank you pages to cross-sell or upsell for additional purchases.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales & Marketing — ReConvert

Consistent Cart - Abandon Cart

Send users emails, SMS messages, and push notifications to remind them about the cart they recently abandoned. These are all fully automated, so you can set it and forget it while recovering sales.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales & Marketing — Consistent Cart

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty 

Loyalty programs let your customers earn points for actions like following you on social media, referring new customers to your business, and making purchases.

This plugin allows you to easily set up a rewards and loyalty program on your Shopify store to incentivize further purchases using referrals, exclusive offers, and discounts.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales & Marketing — Smile

Plug in SEO 

Many Shopify store owners don’t have a ton of experience in SEO. This Shopify plugin can help, offering you specific, actionable ways to fix and improve your SEO, including identifying broken links and meta titles with room for improvement.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales & Marketing  — Plug in SEO

Google Channel by Shopify 

Streamline your advertising and expand your reach by using this Shopify-created plugin. You can promote your products with free listings and use paid advertising features, increasing your customer’s ability to find you when they’re looking for products like yours.

This plugin streamlines Google Smart Shopping campaigns significantly.

Best Shopify Apps for Sales & Marketing — Google Channel

Best Shopify Apps for Customer Service 

Customer support is essential for all stores. If customers have a negative customer service experience with you, they’re not only likely to be back, but they may also be all too happy to spread the not-so-nice word. 

Investing in your customer service is key to selling more long-term, and these apps are a great start to help you do so. 


Create a “Help” or “FAQ” section on your site to offer self-service customer support for commonly-asked questions like “How can I change my order” or “What’s your return policy?”

Having these questions and answers available on your site can cut down on people reaching out to you, preventing you or your team from becoming overwhelmed.

Best Shopify Apps for Customer Service  — HelpCenter

Parcel Panel Order Tracking Pro

If customers feel confident in how the buying process went with your business once, they’re much more likely to purchase again. That includes being able to monitor their package and when it will arrive.

This Shopify app allows users to find their tracking information quickly, so that they don’t need to reach out to do so.

Best Shopify Apps for Customer Service — Parcel Planner Order Tracking Pro

The more convenient for the customer, the better, and this is more convenient for everyone. 

Facebook Messenger- Live Chat 

Live chat is the way of the world now, and you want your business to keep up. Live chat allows you to engage with high-intent users quickly, who may have otherwise left the site and never purchased.

Best Shopify Apps for Customer Service  — Facebook

This particular app allows users to message you over Facebook Messenger, with the chat box embedded on your site. You don’t need to download or purchase additional live chat software or manage multiple options; all you need to do is keep up with your Facebook inbox. 

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping 

Plenty of Shopify businesses either include dropshipping elements into their business (even if it’s just for a few products) or rely exclusively on dropshipping to make a profit. There are three popular apps you can use to find high-quality, trending products and add them to your site for fast selling.


Spocket has some great dropshipping features, including easy product searches, highlighted premium items, and the option to dropship discounted items. It’s reliable and easy to use.

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping — Spocket


Oberlo was created by Shopify itself, so you know it’s great. This tool makes it easy to find trending products, add the straight to your store with customized listings, and start selling instantly.

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping  — Oberlo


If bulk orders are something you want support from, this is a good app to consider. You’re able to place hundreds of dropshipping orders in minutes, and there are also some great order automation features, too.

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping  — DSers-AliExpress

Final Thoughts

Shopify apps give you a chance to expand functionality and automation to your store, offering new features that benefit you and your customers alike. This is how you can make your store your own, and set it up for not only immediate success, but also long-term scalability. 

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