The Top Shopify Experts to Follow

Learning from Shopify experts is crucial since it is a much more complex platform for eCommerce compared to Amazon.

With such a huge opportunity for creative marketing, branding, abandoned cart recovery, and a million other tricks — it helps to be connected to Shopify experts to learn from.

Here is our list of Shopify leaders & experts to learn from including a detailed list with their websites and Twitter handles.

Meg Button

Shopify Guru: Meg Button

Meg is the Co-founder of Nuscreen and is a Shopify Partner & Expert, Startup Advisor, & Co-Host of #WOMENXWORK every Wednesday 8:30PM.

Stacelynn Caughlan

Shopify Expert: Stacelynn Caughlan

Stacelynn has over 13 years of crafting Shopify stores for creative entrepreneurs at The Idea Lounge. She is an ecommerce strategist + Shopify expert.

Kurt Elster

Shopify Podcast Leader: Kurt Elster

Kurt Elster helps Shopify store owners discover hidden profits in their websites and is the host of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast.

Arianne Foulks

Shopify Design Leader: Arianne Foulks

Arianne runs Aeolidia, a graphic design studio for creative shop owners. At Aeolidia they create transformative websites that result in substantial increases to online sales.

Dennis Hegstad

Shopify App Expert: Dennis Hegstad

Dennis the Co-founder of LiveRecover — he "solves problems and builds things on the internet."

Steve Hutt

Shopify Podcasting Leader: Steve Hutt

Steve is the Host of eCommerce Fastlane Podcast and works in Merchant Success for Shopify Plus.

Carson McComas

eCommece Expert: Carson McComas

Carson is an entrepreneur, eCommerce expert, Shopify Plus Partner, and runs Fuel Made.

Paul Rogers

Shopify & Magento Leader: Paul Rogers

Paul is the Founder of Vervaunt, is an eCommerce Consultant focused mainly on technology & CX. He is a Magento CSS & Shopify Plus Partner.

Savannah Sanchez

eCommerce Marketing Expert: Savannah Sanchez

Savannah consults top eCommerce brands on their paid social + search strategies.

Kelly Vaughn

Shopify Expert: Kelly Vaughn

Kelly is the Founder of The Taproom Agency and is the Co-host of the Ladybug Podcast. She is also a Shopify Plus Partner.

Keir Whitaker

Shopify Expert: Keir Whitaker

Keir is a marketing and business consultant helping Shopify focused companies. He is Co-founder of Default and is Co-host of De:brief.

Jason Wong

Shopify Guru: Jason Wong

Jason is the Founder of Wonghaus and is an Instructor at Shopify.

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