Using a Shopify Store to Expand Your Amazon Business

Have you ever considered using Shopify as your Amazon business portfolio? This is a secret that the biggest Amazon pros are using, and I am going to clue you in on it.

One big reason our customers are excited about JoeLister for Shopify we learned from our customers is as a marketing channel.

Shopify for marketing?

Yes, for those that sell for multiple brands on Amazon this can be a huge marketing tool.

Let me explain...

Professional Amazon Sellers are Always Looking for New Products to Sell

While selling your own products on Amazon is something you hear about all the time — many Amazon sellers are selling products made by other businesses.

Why would someone outsource selling their product on Amazon?

Some companies have no internal Amazon know-how, know little about eCommerce, or simply are too busy to bother with selling on Amazon directly.

So professional Amazon sellers step in with their knowledge of the Amazon Marketplace, knowledge of tips and tricks related to Amazon SEO, PPC, or maybe they are just great at eCommerce copywriting and photography.

There are a ton of skills our Amazon sellers bring to the table.

Shopify as Your Amazon Seller Portfolio

But when it comes time to engage potential new clients what do have to show them?

Here is what my Amazon marketplace looks like right now.

Shopify as Your Amazon Seller Portfolio: My Amazon Marketplace View

How does this look?

This is not particularly interesting or attractive in any way. It just looks like a lot of random products on Amazon.

Sending links to your Amazon store is not much of a solution. I doubt this will do much to get more business.

Displaying Your Amazon Listings on Shopify is a Game Changer

This is where Shopify is a unique marketing solution for Amazon sellers.

Even if you do not anticipate selling much on your Shopify store, setting up a gorgeous, well organized, and impactful presence on your own domain is something to show off to potential new selling partners.

Compare the impact of this to the Amazon marketplace view from above.

Shopify as Your Amazon Portfolio Example

Or how about this example?

Shopify as Your Amazon Portfolio Example #2

I have learned that this is already something the more advanced professional Amazon sellers are doing.

So Why Isn't Everyone Already Featuring their Amazon Listings Like This?

The trouble is that currently there are no good solutions for easily porting over your Amazon products to Shopify. Customers need a solid Amazon Shopify integration, but the marketplace has failed them.

"I have tried a few different apps to do this and they were all a total mess," said one of our customers.

"Even once you have your products moved over and do a lot of monkeying around to get the data correct — I found no good way of having orders process automatically," said another.

A Solution for Amazon Sellers Looking for More Business

Whole Lotta JoeLister for Shopify

With JoeLister for Shopify you will be able to easily and quickly move over any of your Amazon products into your Shopify store.

We also will have automated order processing, so you do not have to manually send orders to Amazon on your Shopify sales.

Considering that you can employ a Shopify store with JoeLister installed for less than $100 a month — this is a very cost effective marketing solution for Amazon pros looking to score some more clients.

You can send out a simple link to potential leads to see your best items within a gorgeous website and leave impressed with your eCommerce skills.

When you sell Amazon products on Shopify you have a whole new marketing channel and lots of other benefits but this one particular benefit alone is enough to make dipping your toes into Shopify worth the effort.

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If this sounds good to you, keep in mind that JoeLister for Shopify is available now at a special pre-launch price (while the offer lasts).

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