What are the best eBay niche products?

As a product manager for JoeLister I like to understand why our customers leave us.

The most common feedback from leaving customers is usually like this one: "I love JoeLister, but I am just not selling enough on eBay to cover the costs."

So I thought it might be helpful to look into the JoeLister sales numbers to find out what eBay niches our best-selling customers are offering.

Some products may sell well enough on Amazon but generate crickets on eBay.

The happiest JoeLister customers are those that are generating a heavy amount of eBay sales with our product and appreciate how we make it easy for them to increase their ecommerce profit. One would expect that sellers within the best eBay niche markets are those with the most success. So let's dig into these numbers and see what kinds of trends we notice and see what we can learn from them.

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Biggest JoeLister Sellers by eBay Categories

Below is a list of the eBay categories with the number of eBay sales the customer has had through JoeLister thus far:

  • Cell Phone Accessories = 29,500 eBay sales
  • Hydroponics & Indoor Growing Items = 26,357 eBay sales
  • Cell Phone Accessories = 13,968 eBay sales
  • Auto Parts = 13,413 eBay sales
  • Watches = 13,022 eBay sales
  • Snack Foods 11,522  eBay sales
  • Household Goods (random variety) = 11,323 eBay sales
  • Video Games = 11,257 eBay sales
  • 100% Random Items = 10,658 eBay sales
  • Health Supplements = 8,915 eBay sales
  • Health Supplements = 8,496 eBay sales
  • Clothing = 8,319 eBay sales
  • Toys and Games = 7,284 eBay sales
  • Pop Culture (random) = 6,956 eBay sales
  • Kitchenware = 6,192 eBay sales
  • Hardware Accessories (random) = 5,975 eBay sales
  • Used Video Games & Accessories = 5,689 eBay sales
  • Electronics (random) = 5,640 eBay sales
  • Gadgets (a small selection of those that are common needs) = 5,358 eBay sales
  • Hardware/Tools (branded items) = 5,202 eBay sales
  • Random Plush Dolls = 5,163 eBay sales
  • Household items (branded) only two products = 5,095 eBay sales
  • Paints (branded) and Crazy Socks (what a combo!) = 5,012 eBay sales

Takeaways from Big eBay Sellers

First, I should note that ecommerce success is not about one variable. It is not as easy as picking the right eBay niche and just waiting for the cash to flood in.

These are all certainly smart sellers who are selling things that people want (and at good prices). While I realize there are plenty of articles about the best eBay niches to make money, the best sellers likely succeed in a variety of niches. That said...picking a good niche probably makes the path to success easier!

One strategy is picking an eBay niche where you have personal interest & knowledge. You will know what the best products to sell on eBay are and can add your own expertise to the shopping experience.

Here are some surprising things I learned from this list:

  1. The Amazon seller gurus often push the need to brand your items to achieve success but most of the top eBay sellers were selling random items of various brands — not their own brands.
  2. The hydroponics niche stands out as a good future growth prospect with cannabis legalization sweeping the US.
  3. Hardware items selling well on eBay is surprising. I often construe eBay as still being very focused with collectables and impulse buying. But we need to remember that eBay is also great for hard to find, specific, replacement parts, and new old stock items for specific household repairs, cabinets, and the like.
  4. The paints and crazy socks combo show that you can certainly diversify your niches on eBay, and it will not cause customer confusion.
  5. Lots of people buy vitamins and supplements on eBay?!
  6. People buy snacks and food on eBay? This is also a surprise.
  7. Most of these eBay niche ideas come from things people need. Most of us have cell phones and thus need phone cases or cables, we need floor mats for our cars, we need food and cooking utensils, and we all need clothes. The only items in this list that are not complete needs are toys and video games. Although one could argue that we all need to have fun.
  8. While most of these sellers have many eBay listings, a few of these big eBay sellers only have 2 or 3 items. So, quality over quantity can achieve success.
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What about the losers?

These are some eBay niches from JoeLister customers that did not sell well (plenty of listings, but few sales). Let's examine a few examples:

  • Random Clothing & Watches
  • Shoes
  • Camera Equipment
  • Young Women’s Clothing
  • Women’s Boots
  • Random Health Oils
  • Branded Tea Infuser
  • Candy
  • Random Electronics
  • Grooming Items

Takeaways from the losers - what can we learn here?

Execution is key

A few of these niches are questionable but some are niches that often perform well on eBay (camera equipment, clothing, watches). So like any other business — execution is key.

Even if you have a solid niche, you could have issues if your products are not in demand or priced too highly.

Some categories in eBay are not what they used to be

Clothing and shoes on eBay may not be the killer niches they used to be with new competitors such as StockX, Poshmark, & GOAT stealing eBay's thunder.

All of these accounts have poor social proof or a lack of eBay sales history

If your eBay account is new or lacking good feedback ratings it will be harder to start sales momentum. eBay will not be pushing your results as high in the search results as your more proven competitors.

If you have a new eBay account, you may be in for a surprise

Many of our new customers are shocked to find out that new eBay accounts are limited to only listing five products to sell.

When you have hundreds of Amazon products, this is a nasty speed bump toward your eBay sales growth. eBay will eventually raise your limits once you prove yourself but that can take some time and doing.

Even with new eBay accounts there are tricks you can use to jumpstart sales momentum though.

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Start thinking beyond Amazon

My advice to Amazon sellers not already selling on eBay or Shopify is to get started now! JoeLister now supports Shopify. Start building up your other sales channels. There may come a time you need to branch out from Amazon to give yourself more opportunities to sell.

Whether this is due to the extreme situation (such as having your Amazon account suspended), an influx of new competition for your products, or just stalled sales — the time will come when you wish you had other sales channels generating revenue.

JoeLister can help you sell your Amazon items easily on eBay. Come try a 14-day free trial and see what we can do for you.

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