Yardline Partners with JoeLister to Grow Your Business

Yardline Partners with Joelister to Grow Your Business

Yardline recently entered into a strategic partnership with Joelister, the preeminent app designed to grow your e-commerce business. Joelister is the solution your enterprise needs; its listing and management tools are the easiest, fastest way to stage and fulfill your Amazon inventory on eBay and Shopify.

Cross-selling through multiple platforms is truly the key to your success. The more places you can expose your products, the more opportunities you have to make sales. That’s marketing 101, right? (Read more on how important channel diversification is.) With growth capital provided by Yardline, you’ll have the ability to expand your reach, develop new product offerings, and increase production to keep your e-commerce revenues moving UP AND TO THE RIGHT™.

By signing up with Joelister, you’re taking the marketing 101 concept one step further. Now that you’ve got capital, how do you successfully manage cross-market transactions and not get bogged down in the minutiae? Joelister is the solution you need to get the most out of multi-channel selling: it connects via API to your Amazon inventory, populating your eBay and Shopify listings with that data, and then providing automatic fulfillment via Amazon when you make a sale on eBay or Shopify.

This special partnership with Joelister is a value-add for Yardline customers. By expanding your marketplaces, you can expect to experience increased revenue streams. Think of Joelister as the tool you need to ease the transition into this enhanced business opportunity. Specifically, here’s how Joelister can help:

- Joelister automatically populates your eBay and Shopify listings with images, descriptions, and product info. Publish hundreds of listings in just one click.

- Joelister always keeps your item quantities and prices in sync between Amazon, eBay and Shopify. You'll never double-sell an item again.

- With Joelister, inventory control is automated, negating the need for you to manually manage it.

- Joelister can simply and cost-effectively help to raise your Amazon Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score by automating inventory control.

- When your items sell on eBay and Shopify, and the payment is received, Joelister automatically passes the order to Amazon for shipping. It also uploads tracking numbers to eBay and Shopify.

Joelister offers several different pricing plans, based on the number of listings you have and other productivity tools you may require. There’s even a free two-week trial available so you can test the waters before making a commitment.

Visit Joellister to see how it’s the solution to set you up for success.

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